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DVS TOOLS & COMPONENTS High performance needs high qualification

Practical training on high-end honing machines at DVS Tooling.

Modern drive concepts lead to increasingly complex micro-geometries of gears and thus to much more sophisticated tool solutions for gear honing. However, technology alone is not enough to meet the challenge - the know-how in the manufacture of these gears must of course continue to develop at the same rate. 

DVS Tooling GmbH recognised this need at an early stage and therefore invested in the expansion of the application-technical on-site support of the customers. Highly qualified technicians support the users of Präwema honing machines worldwide in the implementation of their technical specifications. Customers of DVS Tooling naturally continue to expect a reliable tool supplier - but also a partner who is available to assist them in all application technology questions and who solves problems together with them. 

Consistent expansion of technical support 

DVS Tooling has now taken the next step in technical support with the purchase of the most modern Präwema high-performance honing machine SynchroFine. This machine is to be used exclusively for training, prototype production, process optimisation and material development. It thus offers customers time and machine capacity that they often cannot provide in their own production due to high capacity utilisation. 

Faster learning through practical instruction 

Training courses for Präwema high-performance honing include a theoretical and a practical part. Topics such as error analysis, process time optimization and or simply the handling of VSD dressing tools can be taught much better in practice on the machine than in theoretical lessons. 

Quality advantages through VSD 

"VSD" stands for "VarioSpeedDressing ®", a dressing process with a geometrically defined cutting edge in which only the front cutting edge of the dressing tool engages in the honing ring. Compared to a conventional dressing process with diamond dressing gears, this process achieves previously unattained profile shapes and accuracies. Process optimization in series production is often difficult to carry out on site due to the deadline pressure and the number of pieces to be dressed. In this case, DVS Tooling offers the possibility of optimizing the honing process individually for each desired component, independent of the production pressure. Experienced application engineers determine the optimum process parameters for each component, which can then be transferred to the customer's machine. 

Creating prototypes in addition to the current production 

Another area of application for the new honing machine will be the machining of prototypes. Setting up new workpieces on a machine often requires a lot of time. A circumstance that usually cannot be reconciled with the tight capacity of the in-house production. In Hemer, state-of-the-art measuring technology is available for this purpose in addition to the new Präwema honing machine. 

Own training centre 

In order to guarantee customers an even higher added value of their high-performance honing machines through intensive application advice, DVS Tooling has now set up a training centre which is completely dedicated to "gear honing". This includes both the new Präwema SynchroFine honing machine and, of course, the entire infrastructure of a modern training centre: from the training rooms to the cosy canteen. 

Interested customers can already now send inquiries about process optimization to DVS Tooling GmbH and reserve training dates. 


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