PostKnowledge compact - new technical book on gear honing

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DVS MACHINE TOOLS & AUTOMATION Knowledge compact - new technical book on gear honing

PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik presents well-founded expertise on gear honing in book form. 

Gear honing - high-precision hard fine machining of gear components has recently been published in the series "Library of Technology" by Verlag Moderne Industrie. The clearly arranged, richly illustrated, four-colour hardcover volumes of the "Library of Technology" are aimed at readers from industry, trade and commerce as well as trainees and students. 

PRÄWEMA's technical title describes the basics of the gear honing process in a clear and understandable way, introduces the current machine generation as well as honing and dressing tools. Further chapters are dedicated to series application, internal gear honing and the special requirements of electric drives. 

The book with the ISBN 3862361233 is available from bookstores or directly from the publisher. 



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