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DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP New Online: Our Group Website

“one group, one drive: shaping tomorrow” is the slogan at the top of our new DVS Group website. The website also explains what it means to be a synergistic and innovative solution provider.

The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP has a new website that makes it crystal clear what we as a group stand for: the power of synergy in the group, our unity as a solution provider, and our consolidated innovative strength.

The new website gives an overview of the individual group companies, our products, and our services. But above all, it shows what we as a unit represent as well as the underlying values and beliefs.

The DVS Group is not just a coming together of a handful of companies from the mechanical engineering sector. As a group, we can achieve far more than the sum of our parts: we can create coordinated and synergistic system solutions and produce new qualities. This synergistic effect has enormous potential, which we aim to exploit to the fullest in the years to come.

As a group and in the individual companies, we are not just manufacturers of machinery, tools, and components. We consider ourselves to be a systemic solution provider who solves the dynamic challenges of the future in collaboration with our customers. The facilitating factors are the interrelated competencies within the group, agility, and the persistent pursuit of value and customer orientation.

Our synergy and solution orientation also underpins our innovative strength, which we systematically develop and promote throughout many areas – such as at DVS Digital.

You can discover and read about this and much more on the new website of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP:

We are looking forward to your visit and your feedback on our new website.

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