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DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP Solutions Made of Steel and Data

Our group is evolving – from a traditional machine builder to a synergetic solution provider. Digital expertise plays a critical role in this evolution. The latest information on the status of our digital work is now provided on a separate website.

“Industry 4.0” is more than just a buzzword. The convergence of traditional mechanical engineering and digital intelligence has long become reality and a true game changer. Also for us at DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

With DVS Digital, we are developing the digital platform, advanced expertise, and new ways of working in order to successfully continue on our path as a synergetic solution provider. We are working on the Internet of Things, smart, self-learning machinery, and new forms of organization and work in order to further promote flexibility, creativity, and innovation.

With the DVS DIGITAL walk-in lab, we have created an innovation space where we are developing new solutions with colleagues, customers, and experts from the industrial and digital fields.

DVS DIGITAL creates a cloud-based, digital eco-system, networks machinery and production areas and works with artificial intelligence and big data in order to create the most important added value: sustainability.

These are the main topics we are working on:

  • DVS Edge
  • IOT and Cloud
  • Machine Learning
  • Service Innovation
  • Organization

The new DVS Digital website explains what these buzzwords are all about and what we do exactly. We are looking forward to your visit and your comments:

We should also mention that DVS Digital will be represented at the booth of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP at EMO 2021.

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